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Safety techniqueSafety technique

Our company is engaged in high-standard design, construction, maintenance and repair of weak current systems. The equipment of American, German and Italian safety technology manufacturers is installed by us with the strict observance of the relevant standard and regulations. The installed devices are certified by MABISZ, BM TOP, ÉMI and CE. If required, our workers carry out a free site survey and design the system considered by us necessary and make the quotation.

Weak current safety technical systems:

  • Video monitoring systems for external and internal spaces, with digital recording
  • Electronic burglary protection systems
  • Analogues and intelligent fire alarm systems
  • Digital central exchanges
  • Entry and working time recording systems
  • Personal and community gate phone systems

Gate techniqueGate technique

Gates, doors, cases and drives are almost identical to the name of HÖRMANN in the building industry, as this name represents the greatest offer in Europe. As the representatives of this world leading company and the Italian DITEC group of companies playing a key role in gate automation market, we do our best to offer the whole product range of gate technique to our clients.
We distribute and install: tilting and sectional garage gates, side doors, industrial gate systems (quick gates, shuttered gates, folding fates) slide and opening garden gate motorisations, barriers, parking inhibitors, steel doors (safety, entry, internal, fire-retardant, multifunctional).

Screening technologyScreening technology

Shuttering systems

Shuttering systems are the most popular screening devices due to the large variability and favourable properties. Today’s modern shutters supplement the aesthetic and natural appearance of the weathered wooden shutters with modern technical features. The inner space may be exposed via a window to plenty of impulses such as heat and sound effects, visibility, intrusion, UV radiation, wind, rain. Shutters offer perfect protection against these effects. Another benefit of the common system of the shutter case and the lamellas is energy saving which may be up to 15% in accordance with the thermographic measurements. Each piece of our shutters may be provided with a mosquito net, plastic or aluminium lamellas. They can be manually or mechanically moved. The lamellas are moved by means of a band or a driving rod in the case of mechanical operation. Due to the built in tubular motors the shutters can be operated by pressing a button and programmed operation of the shuttering system is enabled by the use of timed controls. Our company offers its products from the regular square shutter boxes to the curved forms, from horizontal installation to the angular arrangement in a wide rage and in almost each colour.

Remove surveillanceRemove surveillance

Our 24 hour duty centre operates in our central office where remote surveillance is provided for several hundred private persons and ventures over their electronic systems. Incoming signals are received via both analogue and digital phone lines or GPRS system used in mobile telecommunications, which offers faster and essentially more reliable transfer. A great advantage of GPRS is that it offers remote surveillance services from all points of the country where mobile phones can be used. The METROPOLIS remote surveillance system is suitable for property protection, social and technical remote surveillance separately or in a combined form.

The remote surveillance services are performed in two ways:

  • Remote surveillance with notification
    The dispatcher notifies the designated persons of the incoming events or defects but does not send out a patrol.
  • Remote surveillance with a patrol service
    The above service is supplemented with a patrol service.

Property protection remote surveillance

In the case of property protection remote surveillance, when an extraordinary event takes place in the protected object (e.g. burglary) the local property protection (alarm or fire prevention) system sends a signal to the dispatcher centre. Data necessary for the measure (name, company’s name, address, persons to be notified, detailed address of the alarm etc.) appears on the surveillance computer. Based on this, the dispatcher on duty notifies the preliminarily designated persons and if necessary he or she sends the surveillance patrol to the site.
The alarm centres follow the movement of the burglars from room to room and send this information to the dispatcher centre so if the burglar hides the persons on duty can notify the sent out patrols who can check the cause of the alarm. If the alarm is reasonable the spot is safeguarded until the customer arrives, and if the burglar is caught then he or she is detained until the police arrives.

The remote surveillance station can receive the following signals:

  • Burglary signal
  • Attack signal
  • Forced opening
  • Fire alarm
  • Daily test report
  • Sabotage signal
  • Defect signal
  • Opening and closing report
  • Lack of opening and closing report
  • Opening or closing in a forbidden period

Social remote surveillance

A system used for the protection of elder or ill persons. In the case of health or other problems (e.g. burglary) they can send a signal from any part of their flats to the remote surveillance station by pressing a radio pushbutton.

Technical remote surveillance

It is suitable for the surveillance of any technical device, and receives essential information (operational defect, malfunction, destruction, sabotage etc.) created in the devices via GPRS system. They are used to protect and control slot machines, drink and food vending machines, production lines, cooling houses, boilers, radio towers etc.
Our company has special skills and qualifications (OJK 34 5223 02, BM 43/2005) necessary for the assembly, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of the built in fire alarm devices, and is also registered by the National Directorate General for Disaster Management (OIKF F690/2009), therefore we can undertake overall operation and maintenance of the set up fire prevention systems under a separate contract. Our 24 hour dispatcher services is registered by the National Directorate General for Disaster Management (T/163/009) also for the receipt and management of automatic signals form the built in fire alarm devices (remote surveillance).

Shop-window protection gratingsShop-window protection gratings

Equipment installed by us has been qualified and accepted as an independent property protection device also by the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ) and by the National Police Centre. Our supplier partner is a market leader in the field of grating and shuttering techniques in Hungary, and in addition to the affordable prices and representative appearance its products have been recognised both by the domestic and foreign markets as they the requirements of qualification system ISO 9002. They are used for various applications from the separation of inner spaces of department stores via the closure of standalone buildings to the protection of shop windows.

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