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Property protectionProperty protection

All property protection activities are performed - if reasoned by security requirements -with arms. Our workers perform their works in season uniforms. Devices necessary for the performance of property protection duties – self protection, communications, patrolling etc. - are provided by our company free of charge.

The actual tasks of our workers are jointly worked out with the Customer and are recorded in writing, the implementation of the designated tasks are continuously monitored. Our security managers controlling the property guards move with cars type CITROEN C 4 prepared for the performance of the duties and transportation of money and valuables, which indicates also to strange persons that the protected object is continuously monitored.

Your appointment is considered a confidential duty, so we listen, watch, give information and take measures in accordance with your expectations in your objects. The value of your business, the disciplined circumstances of its operation are represented also by the appearance and attitude of our workers before guests, business partners and other partners entering the building.

We have valid liability insurance signed with GARANCIA Biztosító Rt. with a limit value of HUF 50 million for each contract of work.