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GASTROPOLIS Kft. was established as a member of Metropolis group of companies, at the beginning for the performance of entertainment and programme organisation duties at our business partners. Though the main line of our group of company is property protection, several workers of our company are qualified in entertainment and have several years of skills.
Our guest and customer oriented business policy has been created on the basis of these skills. Due to our carefully selected supplier background and to the skills of our workers our venture is dynamically developing, and the number of our new partners is also dynamically increasing beyond our regular customers.

In entertainment, public catering and making of cold meals, we operate an own food safety system on the basis of the principles of system “hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)". Correct entertainment and catering and prices proportional to values are guaranteed by our fleet of devices and accessories sufficient to meet all demands and by our well cooperating team.

Catering units operated by our companyCatering units operated by our company

  • Catering in sport establishments
    Operation of an own buffet car and internal buffets since 1998, guest number: 45,000 per year.
  • SZOVA ZRt. Lake bath
    Operation of a snack bar and a buffet in summer from 2008, guest number: 50,000 heads. Operation of an ice buffet in winter from 2010, guest number: 80,000 heads
  • External services
    Several dozens of outdoor events from 2000 (Riding Days of Lukácsháza, Harvest in Kőszeg, events of Mid-Summer Night, SAVARIA historic carnival, Siege Days of Kőszeg, Fair of Orsolya Day, Fair in Őrség etc.).

Our company has all technical and technological backgrounds necessary for the operation of the catering units and is able to provide the necessary devices also in the future. Our customers are fully satisfied with the services provided by our company and we are able to keep this standard in each field of catering.

Our servicesOur services

  • Operation of restaurants and buffets
  • Organisation of company events
  • External events already from 20 heads

In addition to the above, we are at your disposal also at the events themselves, and are ready also to organise and arrange mass events, concerts and gastronomic services. We deliver meals based on our own production background to each event. Serving is made by our skilled workers. The establishment of our product range is special in each case and is adjusted to the local circumstances and to the possibilities of the customer.

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