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Regular cleaning of the establishments is a task requiring confidence since after a damage event accurate designation of the responsibilities of the security service safeguarding the given object and the cleaning venture is the most difficult task. In addition to object protection, cleaning services are provided based on these principles, and therefore our company assumes a global responsibility for valuables stored in the object.

The combined management of the two businesses strengthens the security of the safeguarded area and customised property protection and cleaning services can be offered to the customer. Well trained property guards and qualified cleaners are provided for the performance of the undertaken duties. Work is made by two different teams, however, the duties are specified, coordinated and controlled by a superior, guaranteeing thereby maximum protection of the values of the buildings.

The cleaning frequencies are specified in accordance with the customer's demands so that the work would not hinder the daily activities in the building.

Bases on the demands, the following services are available:

Daily and weekly cleaning

  • Office and other functional rooms:
    • Sweeping and wet wiping of the floor, vacuum cleaning of carpets and floor carpets
    • Wiping of exposed surfaces of writing desks, furniture
    • Emptying of ashtrays, bins, disposal at a collection site
    • Wiping of chair and table legs, picture frames, pegs, switches
    • Dusting of window sills, cleaning of doors, windows around the handles
    • Removal of spider webs
  • Sanitary rooms (sterilization):
    • External wash of lavatory bowls, pissoirs, internal and external cleaning of washbasins
    • Cleaning of mirrors, toilet shelves, cleaning of sinks and work benches
    • Emptying of bins, washing up (in tea kitchens)
    • Washing of the floor, external cleaning of ovens and refrigerators
    • Wet wiping of door wings, cases, switches, removal of spider webs
  • Corridors:
    • Sweeping and vacuum cleaning of the whole surface, wet wiping of the floor
    • Emptying and wiping of ashtrays, shaking out and vacuum cleaning of door-mats
    • Removal of spider webs, washing of window sills
    • Cleaning of the glazed surfaces of entry, internal and trap doors
  • Staircases:
    • Sweeping of the whole surface
    • Wet wiping of the floor
    • Wiping of railings
    • Removal of spider webs

  • Landscaped areas:
    • Grass cutting
    • Hedge shearing
    • Removal of glass and trash
    • Protection against frost (covering of green plants with larch scraps)

  • Parking places and walkways:
    • In summer: collection of lumpy dirt and sweeping of the whole surface
    • In winter: protection against snow and ice

General cleaning

  • Manual and mechanical scrubbing of the floor
  • Washing of pipes and radiators
  • Washing of the whole surfaces of doors and windows (including alpine technique)
  • Chemical carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Cleaning of furniture and wall covers
  • Washing of shutters and lamps
  • Cleaning of switches and sockets

Special services

  • periodic insect and rodent killing
  • Application of a wear-resistant coat on resin, linoleum and PVC surfaces (waxing)
  • Purchase of hygienic products (liquid soap, toilet paper, paper tissue etc.)
  • Provision for a cleaner in emergency
  • Cleaning of curtains (nylon, drapery, band)

Building operationBuilding operation

Partnereink épületei a vállalkozásuk alappillérei, ezért az őrzésén és takarításán túl vigyázunk rá és karbantartjuk az épület The buildings of our partners are the basic piers for our venture and therefore they are protected and serviced by us in each field of building operation works in addition to safeguarding and cleaning.

Our services:

  • Installations
    • Temperature control (heating/cooling, air-conditioning)
    • Ventilation (air technique)
    • Control, cleaning and maintenance of water, gas and sewer systems
    • maintenance of elevators and hoists
  • Electricity
    • Maintenance of heavy current electric systems
      (periodic contact protection, lightning protection system inspection etc.)
    • Surveillance and maintenance of weak current electric systems
      (property protection, entry, phone, computer and other low voltage systems)
    • Fire prevention
      (training, periodic control of fire prevention devices, drawing and updating of fire prevention rules)

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